This was our first tea showcase opportunity in the U.K.! It was an amazing experience to join the business-networking event in England! We showcased our Organic Oolong Tea imported from Taiwan. Taiwanese High-mountain Oolong Tea is precious because of the rare production, and it is also acknowledged as the best quality tea in Asia. We introduced the health benefits of Oolong Tea, and also offered different types of tea for the customers to taste. Our tea was a very refreshing drink with a sweet aftertaste, and everyone enjoyed it at our event.

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 Welcome to Art of Tea and Vessels!
It is an art shop where to buy the finest loose leaf tea,  tumbler glasses , teapot and tea set. 
Our handcrafted ceramic tumblers glazed with semi-precious gem stone-tourmaline.  
As a result, the tourmaline makes the liquids’ molecule becomes smaller hence gives the drinks noticeable multi flavours. 


Art of Tea & Vessels

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