LIVEN, dedicates its products to inspiring vitality, health and energy. Learning from Chinese culture, LIVEN embraces that philosophy by combining two words: Huo Ci (活瓷). Huo symbolises the dynamic life force in running water and its application to the creation of lively ceramics is Ci.


Our brand plays an important role in ceramics as a highly valued material in Chinese history, also symbolises the pure beauty of humanity and the essential rewards that come from living in the moment.

Due to the highest quality of the craft, LIVEN’s Eco-friendly products are available in both traditional and modern motifs. Also, it introduces unique processes and patented technology to advance its design and manufacturing continuously.

LIVEN provides a wide range of products including the tumblers, travel mug series, tea set and accessories. The delicate hand-carved details and exceptional artistry are added to its functional and extraordinary artistry in every ceramic piece. The LIVEN Series utilises a far range infrared (FIR) technology pioneered by our supplier. While applying to crystalized tourmaline, the mineral constantly releases the same healthful negative ions as you breathe in near a waterfall or after a spring rain.

Glazed with valuable white crystal tourmaline as part of its patented manufacturing process, liquids become softer and more favourable as they acquire an alkaline character that promotes a healthier lifestyle in tourmaline.

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