Yantra Mandala Tumbler- Mint Green


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Emanate your enlightenment discovered within and the creations of life and living water with providing you with a sanctuary of health.

A Sri Yantra is a type of mandala with geometric patterns. Sri Yantra literally means loom, instrument or machine. In actual practice, a yantra is a symbolic representation of aspects of divinity, the creative forces of the universe.

Capacity: 350 ml
Insulation: Double Wall


  • Function: the ceramic made travel mugs that are suitable for all types of drinks including water, coffee, tea, juice, wine and spirits.
  • The Lid: The inner silica gel in the wood grain cover has passed SGS food safety testing, which prevents the water lead from the mugs.
  • Thermal Mugs: keep warm for 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on the temperature of the beverage and the external temperature of the mugs.
  • Tourmaline: Glazed with valuable white crystal tourmaline as part of its patented manufacturing process, liquids in tourmaline become softer and more favourable as they acquire an alkaline character that promotes a healthier lifestyle.


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