Red Jade Black Tea 120 g

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Refined Red Tea

Weight: 120 g

Packaging: sealed aluminium bag in a tea caddy

Taste: Cinnamon and light mint

The appearance of the tea leaf: Black long full leaf buds

Colour of Tea: Ruby red

Season: 2020 Spring

Roasted: un-roasted

Oxidation: 100%

Elevation: 800-900 M

Origin: Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan


Story of Red Jade Black Tea

Before World War II when Japan occupied Taiwan, the Japanese established Tea Manufacture Experiment Station.  As they found that Taiwan’s climate and geographic conditions are perfect for tea plantation. During this period of time, they imported Assam tea from Indian and Sri Lanka. Since then, Taiwan has been improving the taste of Assam tea for over  60 years. The most successful type of black tea from the improvement of Assam tea is Red Jade Black Tea, also known as Ruby Red Tea.

Furthermore, they also identified that Sun Moon Lake is an excellent place to grow this tea. It offered ideal crowing climate and altitude, as a result, the tea has natural cinnamon and light mint taste. The multiple flavours made the tea doesn’t even require adding sugar or milk to improve its taste, which is perfect for those who love premium red tea.

Brewing Guide:

Tea to water ratio: 1:80 or 100; use filtered water and ceramic teaware to enhance the flavour. Suggesting only add milk or sugar in the 2nd steep to taste the original flavour

Water temperature: 80-90°C

Brewing time: 3 minutes. 1-3 re-steeping


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