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Blue Sky Chinese Kung Fu Tea Set


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The tea set is featuring with sky blue glaze colour and is suitable for sharing loose leave tea with family and friends. The set comes with one teapot which formed with an integrating top handle, four small drinking teacups and one serving teacup.
Material: Porcelain
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Place of Origin: Jingdezhen, China (Mainland)
Colours: Sky blue teacups.  the bottom and the lid are glazed brown porcelain
Advantage 1: Home decoration, exclusive gifts and serving tea 
Advantage 2: hand-crafted 

Out of stock


The Crafts & Technics Appreciation: In the firing process when producing the teapot, the handle breaks or deforms very often, especially the green and blue porcelain products’ thick glaze and overburning make the yield rate relatively low. Therefore, it’s very challenging to create an integrated teapot handle and it requires the high crafts techniques and experienced kiln firers to control the temperature.



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