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100% Liquid Gold Painted Bamboo Joint Teapot Set with Infuser (White)


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  • Technology:

Our elegant mugs are made of ceramic and coated with white tourmaline.  Have you heard about tourmaline? It is a semi-precious rare gemstone, suggested carrying a permanent electrical charge. Hence, when subjected to heat, it releases beneficial far infrared rays and negative ions. Subsequently, the infrared rays and ions help in the purification process and minimise the water’s molecule. As a result, that reduction size of the molecule provides for a more purified taste and improved absorption of water into the human body. Furthermore, liquids in tourmaline become softer and more favourable as they acquire an alkaline character. 

  • Function: the ceramic made travel mugs that are suitable for all types of drinks including water, coffee, tea, juice, wine and spirits.

Out of stock


Capacity: Pot: 180 ml; Cups: 55 ml each

Dimension: teapot-82x72x139mm;   cups:61x61x42mm

Package: Green Hand Carrying Zipped Gift Box

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