Our Mission

To provide unique quality and eco-friendly tea and drink-ware for environmental and health-conscious clients.

Our Vision

To help accelerate the world’s frustration to a healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Our Philosophy

To promote the health benefits and sustainability credentials of our unique products.

Our Stories

Our luxury travel mug and teaware supplier, Acera, has collaborated with renown international artists, museums and organisations on producing custom boutique designs that have won and produced the number of product design awards across Europ and Asia.

“When I saw these beautifully designed ceramic travel mugs, I couldn’t help falling in love with them! I think everybody deserves to have a better quality of lifestyle as we’ve been working so hard since we were born. And if we know how to appreciate the original design of the artworks and bring the artisan element to our daily routine, our life would have been much fabulous!”